To define the new era of Rouse Wrestling and be a team that leads a better life in order to achieve the highest success by showing commitment to academics, competition, and community.


We believe in building CHAMPIONS in the classroom, wrestling room, and in life.  Below is the CHAMPION CONCEPT that each student athlete must master in our program….

We believe that no matter how hard one works, there is always room to do more. Total satisfaction at an endeavor leads to mediocrity. The true CHAMPION always strives to attain the next goal. The athlete works with the belief that perfection is not possible in school and life, but pursuit of perfection is essential. Success is never final. Each of us has an untapped potential. What the athlete does with his potential is really the only criteria to success and failure. Failure is not possible unless the athlete is willing to accept it. When an athlete loses hope, quits, or refuses to work toward a goal, then and only then has the athlete failed. In our program, an athlete is measured by the amount of work it takes to discourage him and make him quit. It is our belief that each athlete understands that failing is just a temporary setback, and that it is an integral part of life. We believe all CHAMPIONS have failed with their performance, but they never can be beat in their minds. We teach our athletes to never passively accept the level they are currently at. We do not allow them to rationalize failure, because deep down it would be a lie. Athletes in our program must not slip into the “I’m Ok, you’re Ok syndrome”. We want athletes to be better than “Ok”. In our program, we build the “I want to be better” mentality. We have a belief that athletes strive for perfection by giving maximum effort. Our belief is to work towards goals and not walk through life by doing the minimum. Our mentality is to not allow anyone or anything to hold us down. You must be able to master the CHAMPION CONCEPT to achieve full success in our program, and more important life.

 A Champions Schedule Vs a Slackers Schedule